RE: FC3 psychotic behavior (mouse problems)

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> Subject: Re: FC3 psychotic behavior (mouse problems)
> On Fri August 26 2005 8:09 am, Stanley A. Klein wrote:
> > I have encountered the same kinds of mouse problems in two 
> ways.  One 
> > is when I use my KVM switch to change my keyboard and screen to an 
> > older machine and then switch back to my FC3 machine.  I 
> use separate 
> > mice for the machines, but I get the erratic behavior.  There is 
> > nothing wrong with the KVM switch (a Belkin 4-port).  The 
> problem did 
> > not occur under RH 9 and started when I upgraded to FC3.  
> It occurred 
> > on a third machine on which I first installed FC1.  Fedora Core 
> > somehow does not play well with KVM switches in the way RH9 did.
> >
> I would suggest further research. I have to disagree on the 
> above statement. 
> While Belkin KVM's do work, 'some of the time', they are in 
> my experience flaky - we have removed them from our approval 
> list. They are not just problematic with Fedora - we have had 
> many problems with them in Windows only scenarios. Do a 
> little searching on the web and you'll find a lot of negative 
> info about Belkin.
> > I get a similar problem on my laptop that has a Synaptics 
> touchpad.  
> > If I plug in a PS2 mouse, the problem does not happen.  
> This problem 
> > did occur with RH9 on the laptop when the screen awakened 
> after having 
> > gone to sleep due to inactivity while on battery.  It now 
> happens with 
> > FC3 as long as I am using the machine without the PS2 mouse 
> whether on 
> > AC or battery.
> >
> There appears to be an issue with sync signaling and how 
> devices lock back up
> - whether this is an equipment problem with manufacturers not 
> closely adhering to specs, or a Fedora problem, is not 
> completely clear. Probably some of both, but there are 
> certain brands of equipment that work perfectly with Fedora - 
> I switched to IOGear unpowered KVM's last year, and haven't 
> thought about them since - they just work, seamlessly. Your 
> touchpad issue is obviously not so easily solved...
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> Claude Jones
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I've had similar experiences as Claude.  Belken KVM's get the job
done... sometimes.  


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