Re: Cannot open shared object file: Permission denied

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Tony Nelson wrote:

At 10:21 AM +0200 8/21/05, Toralf Lund wrote:
jdow wrote:

From: "Toralf Lund" <[email protected]>

After upgrading my Fedora Core 3 machine to Fedora Core 4, I started
getting a really weird problem. During startup I see a lot of
messages of the form: Cannot open shared object file: Permission denied
[ ... ]

Been monkeying with file permissions, perhaps?

If so "chmod 755 /lib/" should help. If ""
is missing you are likely completely hosed.
No, this is *obviously* not a normal file permission problem. And the
.so file is *of course* not missing. Please read my original message again.
Try relabeling SELinux?

   # touch /.autorelabel

and then reboot.
Yes. That helped. Thanks!

I'm not sure I understand why, though. Care to explain it? (SELinux is quite new to me..)
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