Re: clamd handicraft work (Fedora Core 4)

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On Mon, 15 Aug 2005 04:03:52 +0300, Razvan Sandu wrote:

> > I believe "rpm --query --docfiles clamav-server" lists the readme
> > which is included.
> Because I was used to DAG's style of packaging (unique package), it wasn't 
> very clear for me I had to install the "clamav-server" package in the first 
> place... ;-).
> I suppose that the same matter about the quality of package (I cannot 
> comment about it, since I'm not a programmer...) is the reason why they 
> don't simply import Dries amavisd-new package into the Extras ? I installed 
> it and it works well with the Extras' version of clamav (provided you do all 
> that manual work listed in the README)...

That doesn't sound quite right. That would be kind of lame if the
amavisd-new package did not include the right configuration files already
and automated the setup.

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