Re: panic with kernel-2.6.12-1.1372_FC3smp

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Timothy Murphy writes:

Alexander Dalloz wrote:

Please look at
Unfortunately it is absurdly difficult to search the bugzilla list.
The whole bugzilla setup is very off-putting;
this is a serious flaw in Fedora.
Strangely enough, when I was nailed by this issue, it didn't take me a long
time to find the existing bug, which kept me from reporting a dupe.
The only trick is to know which package is the culprit. Here, it was rather
obvious that this bug would get reported as a kernel bug. Although there's
some controversy here as to whether the actual bug may turn out to be
someone else's (mkinitrd's specifically, which I find a bit difficult to
believe), the initial report would definitely get filed against the kernel.
What I do is first pull up all the open bugs against the package. If I
still don't find anything I then pull all bugs, open and closed, narrowing
down the search to the last couple of FC releases.

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