duel booting with windows XP home edition, and Fedora

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          I already have windows XP home edition installed on my pc, and I am trying to configure my pc to duel boot between windows XP, and Fedora, but first I have to install fedora on a seperate partition. should this partition be a primary partition, or an extended one? also I was reading how to install fedore for windows duel boot, and I got to the part where I am told to insert the CD, type rescue, select language, select skip when I am prompted "Will not attempt to find a Red Hat Linux install to rescue, and then finally where I am prompted (I guess by parted) on what partitions that I would like to repartition. I am told to type one of these commands at the prompt: parted/dev/hdx, or parted/dev/sdx; where "x" is the partition number of the hard drive that I want to partition. Know I am aware that in Linux drives hda1-3 are resurved for primary partitions, while 4 is for a single extended parti! tion, and 5 on up is for logical drives located with in the extended partition; but what number should I input into the "x" variable of my commands, so that I will not erase windows XP, but yet at the same time still have a fully functional linux operating system?

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