RE: Samba Authentication problem -- one machine only!!!

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On Thu, 2005-07-21 at 17:05 -0400, Tim Holmes wrote:
> Hi phil -- the firewalls are shut off on all the machines -- we are
> behind a hardware firewall and do not need the internal ones -- as a
> result -- they do more harm than good

Well, that's not the problem, but a bit of unsolicited/OT advice.  Good
security is built in layers.  I'm behind a pretty robust center-level
firewall also, but learned the hard way that it is not impervious.
We've had several cases of bad guys getting through the main firewall
and running rampant on the machines inside (mostly those foolish people
that were not up-to-date on security patches, and/or Windoze boxes).  I
run local firewalls on each machine I'm responsible for.  I like
firestarter for the individual-machine firewalls.  Makes it pretty


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