Re: iriver player on FC4

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Casper wrote:

 I have iriver mplayer ifp-899 and I`m trying to install some programms
to exchange with mp3 data... :) Previous on fc3 I managed it to do ok...
I used for start libiriver and
configure error shows:
checking for libusb-config... /usr/bin/libusb-config
configure: error: Your libusb is too old : 0.1.10a , You need at least 0.1.7
Have anybody working iriver player even in comand line, or maybe some
gnome gui...?


P.S. I had some other programs too what req. old
compat-libstdc++-8- and don`t want to work with new libs what is
in fc4... so with force I installed old, but don`t think I can mess so
with usb drivers...

Go to the iRiver site, not the US one and get the UMS update.  This 
allows the drive to work as a USB Mass storage device.  No need to use 
any tools other than Nautilus to move and transfer files.  Mount as a 
  normal stick.  Also allows iRiver to mount on any computer without 
installing any special software.  Copy your the files before doing the 
I use it on my 799's.
Robin Laing

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