Re: Is there an FTP client?

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On Wednesday, Jul 20th 2005 at 09:12 +0100, quoth Dan Track:

=>Ever since fedora removed "ncftp" (excellent client) I  have been
=>baffled as to what client to use instead. The new lftp client is
=>completely weird, it doesn't react naturally (or I'm just not a great
=>learner). At the moment two things frustrates me the most. First is
=>that I can't upload files from a directory using wildcards e.g put
=>file*, it spews out an error saying "file*" not found, is there a way
=>to activate this?
=>Second I can't upload a directory, there isn't any option for a "put
=>-r", is there any easy way to do this once you have logged into the
=>ftp server.

You would have had this problem with any ftp client. Don't confuse get and 
put with mget and mput.

My take is that lftp is by far the best ftp client ever written. You get 
history, readline, pget, queueing. It's fabulous.

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