FC4 Grub install problems

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I just installed FC4 i386_x64 onto a system with 2 IDE drives (ntfs) and
2 SATA drives.  The system is set to boot from the first SATA drive in
the BIOS which I installed fedora to.  The upgrade FC3 -> FC4 appeared
to go well except for the installation of grub.  System ran great with

When trying to boot all I get is "GRUB" no prompt or anything.  Booting
from the DVD in rescue mode, mounting the installed FC4 and running
grub, things appear to not work right.  At the grub prompt I cannot get
any of the TAB completions.

With the old installation grub referenced (hd0,0) now it seems that it
is (hd2,0).  It seems that all of the proper files are located in the
boot partition.

should I:
- edit the /boot/grub.grub.conf to refer to (hd2,0)
- issue grub commands:
   GRUB> root (hd2,0)
   GRUB> setup (hd2)


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