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Great thanks. Its work.........!!! It is done for all users (IPs). I need to
do only for specific one IP. 
Please suggest.  

Imran S. Mahmood 

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On 6/2/05, Shahzad, Imran <[email protected]> wrote:
> Dear All 
> I am running Fedora box with Squid, I need to restrict some user to use
> site. 
> Example I wan to stop all web site except one. 
> Means users can use only and other all deny, could you please
> tell me how can I do this job? 

Add the following line to the bottom of the acl section in squid.conf
(you will have to do some reading to figure out where)

         acl allowedsite dstdomain

Add the following line to the top of the http_access section, but
below the "INSERT YOUR OWN RULE(S) HERE..." line

         http_access deny !allowedsite

Save and restart the squid service.
You should try googling for a solution before posting a mail here.


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