Re: mplayer has no vedio?

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Mostafa Z. Afgani wrote:
Robin Laing wrote:

Mostafa Z. Afgani wrote:

yufan wrote:

when i use mplayer to open a media file,there is no edio on the
screen(even no gui!) but i can hear the audio. what's wrong with that?

try launching the file as:

$ gmplayer mediafile


gmplayer is the graphical version of mplayer.

sure .. but since he said he was only getting sound and no video/gui, it sounded like the media was just playing in the console .. gmplayer would give him the GUI if that's what he was after ..


My thoughts exactly. Many people hear of mplayer but never hear about gmplayer. Many don't even know that it exists. I also t

gmplayer does allow an easy method to configure the browser in comparison to editing a config file by just clicking the wrench.

For many, this is the only way that they can understand how to configure the player.
Robin Laing

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