Re: bind problem

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> Aleksandar Milivojevic wrote:
>> Paul Howarth wrote:
>>> He's currently got just the one DNS server for the
>>> domain, namely ADVANCED.ANONNS.COM. No glue record for this nameserver
>>> is needed in the top-level info domain because it's in a different
>>> domain.
>> Strange, I'm getting NXDOMAIN for  No NS records for it
>> on ultradns name servers of any kind.  His DNS servers (well, at least
>> brilliance) do not seem to be configured as authoritative for
>> domain either.
>> Could OP post relevant portions of named.conf and complete zone files?
>> Maybe the error is in named.conf somewhere, or maybe there's typo in
>> zone file causing BIND to ignore entire file.  OP should also check
>> /var/log/messages and see if BIND is complaining during startup about
>> anything.
>>> The DNS server at ADVANCED.ANONNS.COM [] itself doesn't
>>> seem to be responding at the moment, hence domain is
>>> completely broken.
>> It is broken because ultradns (who's DNS servers are responsible for TLD
>> info domain) do not have any NS records for
> Well, this might be due to the OP making changes. Earlier today it was
> correctly returning references to both "advanced" and "brilliance". The
> whois entry for just references ADVANCED.ANONNS.COM right
> now (and, interestingly, says the domain status is both "INACTIVE" and
> "OK").
> I'm seeing NXDOMAIN from too.

The registrar for .info need to have 2 DNS server entries. I had deleted
brilliance.* therefore making it inactive, thus no reply.

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