Re: Hard Crashes Increasing, FC3

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Jess Anderson wrote on 25/03/2005 02:46:

Scot L. Harris

Jess Anderson:

I have three slots and three 512MB DIMMs. What I did was run
memtest three times, rotating the DIMMs (call 'em ABC) by one
slot each time:

Why not pull one DIMM at a time an run memtest86? If you get a
clean pass then those two chips are good.

Ja, that's my plan.

I was getting crashing similar to yourself (often to do with ext3) I had been grappling with my server starting to crash regularly (dual AMD machine), ran memtest and everything was reported ok. I decided that my CPUs were running a little hot so changed the fans on them. This unfortunately did not cure the problem. I took a stick of ram out and the server still fell over. I swapped the sticks over and its now been running for several days (would generally crash once a day before). Strangely I had a branded stick (crucial) and an unbranded one. Its the branded one that caused me the problem!
I'd been tearing my hair out on this for ages - very annoying, hope you're able to solve your problem too!


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