Re: New Nvidia 1.0-7167 driver for Linux x86 released

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Donn Washburn wrote:
Roger Skildum wrote:

*I haven't seen it mentioned here yet. Nvidia released the new 7167 driver yesterday. I have a old TNT2 video card that did not work with there previous drivers and FC3. Had to go back to the 6111 driver. I installed the 7167 driver today, compiled and ran without error. Did not have to do anything special. Has a much better frame rate than I had with the 6111 driver. So far very stable. some of the improvements that seem important are:* Improved compatibility with Linux 2.6 kernels, Fixed NvAGP incompatibility with recent Linux 2.6 kernels, Improved interaction with the udev filesystem.

Well I reported to them about a failure compiling aginst kernel 2.6.11 - maybe that is fixed
They last version worked on 2.6.10 just fine.

It is fixed!  2.6.11 is up and so is X.  It seems to have better 3D

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