Re: Why the insults? Re: Firefox or Opera? Evolution or T-bird?

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FWIW Pat, not that it matters, etc...  I did interpret Lund's comment in
the KISS context, and so I didn't take it as a personal insult.  OTOH,
maybe I'm just stupid.  (Ask Howarth, he'll tell ya.)  :-}

On Tue, 2005-03-08 at 06:51 -0800, Pat Pleate wrote:
> Why do persons have to be so rude to call another a
> degrading name?  Aren't we all adults that we can
> except an opinion without insulting?

> --- Toralf Lund <[email protected]> wrote:
> > Douglas Frank wrote:
> > I'm using Firefox and Thunderbird because they are
> > both so simple, 
> > stupid
Douglas Frank    HP Co.
ZKO              110 Spit Brook Rd.       The older I get,
603-884-0501     Nashua, NH USA 03062       the better I was.

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