Re: ATI driver update problems (old driver for XFree86 4.3.x to new driver for Xorg 6.8.1)

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Sven wrote:
I did that because of the first error message "xxx conflicts with xxxx"
I wanted to remove the old driver first, because rpm -Uh --force
file_name did end with that message too.
So i cannot install the new package before removing the old one.
I'm also thinking like you, but as i said i want to have Xorg and all
the other rpms working after the update.

If package "fglrx" supersedes "fglrx-glc22" then really the packager should have included an "Obsoletes: fglrx-glc22" tag in package "fglrx". This would have allowed an upgrade to "fglrx" to remove the old "fglrx-glc22" package.

One way you can check that "fglrx" can safely replace "fglrx-glc22" would be to check what the two packages provide.

First, look at what your installed "fglrx-glc22" package provides:

$ rpm -q --provides fglrx-glc22

Then see what your new package provides:

$ rpm -qp --provides fglrx_6_8_0-8.10.19-1.i386.rpm

If the latter is a superset of the former then you *should* be OK to get rid of the old one and add the new one in as a replacement.


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