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On Mon, 2005-02-07 at 12:00, Paul Howarth wrote:
> Scot L. Harris wrote:
> > I like that idea.  The wiki would be a way to mine the various solutions
> > proposed on the mailing list and collect them in a single place that can
> > be searched.
> > 
> > Then we just need to tie that into an AI script that views new questions
> > on the list and responds automatically with the answer in the wiki.
> > 
> > Detailed responses based on the wiki could be sent directly to the OP
> > with a pointer back to the wiki posted on the list.  This way people
> > that just read the question and wonder what the answer is can find it
> > and the OP gets detailed help directly.  Such an automated response
> > would make this very fast getting an answer instead of waiting for
> > someone to take interest and type a response.
> Nice idea but it would need an "AI bypass" facility for posters that 
> have tried the solutions mentioned on the Wiki but haven't resolved 
> their problems.
> Paul.

The AI would only respond to initial posts (new threads).  If someone
still has a problem they reply to the original thread stating that the
wiki response did not work or was not applicable to their problem.

I figure the AI would trigger on specific terms or phrases.

NTF would get all the info on how to add NTF support, caveats, where to
get it etc.

kernel source  would get the pointer to the release notes.

ssh would get pointer to release notes (ssh -X -Y) and standard security

and so on.

There could be an additional bypass token put in the message or subject
to prevent the AI from triggering on content of the message.

Scot L. Harris
[email protected]

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