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Quick question the menu bar I have the blinking red warning that there are updates for my machine.  When I run the updater the only thing that is listed is the i686 kernel.  Am I supposed to install this?  I am running on a 2ghz desktop machine currently right now with the Fedora Core 3 os.  Let me know if you need more information.


It would certainly be convenient if you installed an updated kernel, but I don't think it is the ONLY update there, usually you get a page with kernel updates before the rest of the updates are listed. If you don't want to see the red icon with bang! sign flasing in your desktop, you can add the kernel* updates to the ignore list in the up2date panel that opens when you click the rhn icon. Again, I'd advise you to have installed all pretinent updates, since they add (mostly) secuirty fixes and/or performance tweaks and bug fixes... In the end the decision as to install or not is entirely yours.

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