FC3 boot hang (symbios)

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Hi All

I had FC1 running on my PII SMP machine quite happily. I decided to upgrade to FC3. The upgrade went OK but, on booting, the kernel hangs when it gets to the Symbios SCSI drivers. Symbios chip is, I think, SYM53C875. Output is as follows:

sym0: SCSI Bus has been reset
scsi0: sym-2.1.l8j
sym0:0:0 ABORT operation started
sym0:0:0 ABORT operation timed out
sym0:0:0 DEVICE RESET operation started
sym0:0:0 DEVICE RESET operation timed out
sym0:0:0 BUS RESET operation started
sym0:0:0 BUS RESET operation timed out
sym0: SCSI BUS has been reset

If anyone has any ideaa, I would be glad to hear them! System is useless atm.



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