Re: How to kill a logged in user?

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Ti kill completelly the user, use the skill command, take care using it,
read it's man page.

skill <user>
skill -9 <user>


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On Tue, 2004-11-09 at 09:07, Marko Hausalo wrote:
> Mostafa Z. Afgani wrote:
> > So, I would like to know if there is any way to kill those
> > sessions/users? I have tried googling for an answer but couldn't find
> > anything satisfactory.
> Check with who who is online:
> # who
> root     pts/49       Nov  9 13:10 (hostname.domain.xx)
> where you see that there's an connection to pts/49 in my case.
> Then make an ps command like this to see if there's an active
> shell:
> # ps ax | grep "pts/49"
> 32265 ?        S      0:00 sshd: [email protected]/49
> 32267 pts/49   S      0:00 -bash
> 32663 pts/49   R      0:00 ps ax
> 32664 pts/49   R      0:00 grep pts/49
> Here you see there's active connections thru sshd and an shell
> -> 32267 pts/49   S      0:00 -bash
> then just as root give the command
> # kill -9 32267
> and the connection should drop. If there's no shell for the
> connection try killing the sshd or whatever process that is
> hanging there.
> Hope this helps and I hope I did understand your problem
> correctly!
> Regards,
>    Marko

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