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william jones wrote:

After nearly completing the thunderbird download,the download manager
indicated a "cancelled" message with the note that the file could be
saved to disk,which I promptly did.I have been unable to install the
program normally by using the recommended commands as I get "a no file
present" message.However, upon checking in my home file under
thunderbird,I can launch the program by double clicking on the 6.5k
shell script file then selecting "run".Each time I launch the program I
have to go to/home/William/wwj/thunderbird/then double click and run the
6.5 shell script file.Is there an easy solution to resolving this? Or
should I delete the file and redo the download using apt-get?

As a "Windows" user I have easily moved to Fedora C1 but know nothing
about its inner workings as indicated above.

I am guessing that you downloaded a .tar.gz file for thunderbird? Not sure how you tried to install it, but if you can get an rpm (RedHat Package Manager) file to install from, that is always preferable. With rpm. you can upgrade a package (rpm -Uvh packagename.rpm), or remove it (rpm -e packagename), etc. With a .tar.gz file, you have to manually keep track of where everything gets installed.

That said, the answer is 'yes' to your question about using apt-get. I don't use apt-get myself, but I do use yum and up2date. In the case of thunderbird, though, I have not found an rpm (maybe I have just not looked in the right place). So, don't be surprised if apt-get does not find the thunderbird rpm.

There is a good howto on building your own thunderbird rpm at:

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