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Am Di, den 14.09.2004 schrieb [email protected] um 22:26:

> How can I find which /dev file is representing the TV tuner. There is
> also a device file called vttuner. I tried to change the device to that
> on tvtime. Still no change.
> I tried using xawtv, even in that its pointing to /dev/video0. How can I
> make the device linked to /dev/video0 so that the applications can
> recognize the device?

> Renjoy K Henry

I must confess I do not understand your problem.

Please post the syslog messages in /var/log/messages when you load the
saa7134 kernel module. Use modprobe with parameter -v for a verbose
output. And post that output too. Run "xawtv -hwscan" and post it's

Keep your hands off /dev/vttuner.


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