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[email protected] writes:

> I would like to continue to solve the problem.  Not being able to

Ok, lets get to it...

> over to that account.  But that is for another time. Right now I am
> sending on the Netscape account and also receiving with no problem

That will simplify things alot.

> The windows boxes do not see the linux box on the network.  However
> the linux can ping them with no problem.  

We'll get to that after cleaning up a few things

>                                 What I want to be able to do is to
> share files with the linux and windows boxes.  I have never asked
> whether that is even possible and if possible what are the drawbacks

Yes its possible, and there aren't any drawbacks I'm aware of.  There
are some security implications so if there is really important data on
the linux machine it could be something to consider... but it sounds
like its a new install that hasn't really seen any use yet. 

> Not sure about running X though I have seen a reference to X.  I am
> running Grome and everything on the desktop is graphic.

That means X is running.  X is the name of the graphical display in
linux. Shortened form of XFree86 or Xorg.  Both of which are software
bundles that allow graphical stuff.

> So everything is setup and now all I need is to impose some more on
> you for the help I need.  I am sending this direct and via Fedora
> since I sent it once and it bounced.  Another typo. I am good at
> doing that for sure.

It may be wise to stay off the list from here on.  I suspect the list
readers may be wearing out on this thread.  Besides many of the things
you need to know about are really just basic linux stuff not
particularly Fedora related.

Ok, back to work.  .. I saw the output you posted from yum.  I think
we should simplify your yum.conf file.  Here is how:

First preserve the file as it is now for later reference:
 (as root)
  cd /etc
  mv yum.conf yum.conf-orig

That changed the name from yum.conf to yum.conf-orig

Can you edit a file?  I hadn't thought to ask that.  Can you manage to
edit with one of the editors on your linux box?

You'll need to create this file just as you see it here:

Put this in a file named /etc/yum.conf

# Start
## name=Fedora Core $releasever - $basearch - Base
## baseurl=$releasever/$basearch/os/
name=mybase Fedora Core 2
# end

If you can't use any of the editors on linux tell me so now.  
If that is the case then we cannot proceed.  You'll  have to learn to
use one of them first.

With the above file in place check to verify it is there:

`cat /etc/yum.conf'

should show what you just entered.

Now we need to clean up `yum's working directory:
(as root)
cd /var/cache/yum

Its very important to verify that you are in /var/cache/yum since the
next command would be very dangerous in the wrong place.

Run the command `pwd'

It should show /var/cache/yum

If so then run `rm -rf *'

   rm -rf *

That will remove everthing inside /var/cache/yum

now try `yum list updates' again

  yum list updates 

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