Re: Core 2: USB storage problem ("can't read superblock)

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On Tuesday 20 July 2004 08:50, Xia Bin wrote:
> Thanks Andy
> But I found something new and strange, maybe someone will be interested in:
> I just found out that my USB storage became unable to use under Windows
> XP now.
> According to Windows, the total size of my USB storage is "0", and for
> only 30 mins ago it was 32MB.
> Could it be a hardware failure? I've brought it about 2 or 3 years ago.

Flash does wear out, but unless you have been writing to it every day I doubt 
it is a hardware failure.

There are two "Sizes" floating around, one is that reported by the device 
firmware in terms of cylinders, sectors and so on, and the other is the 
partition and filesystem size (if any).

If your device itself is reporting it is zero cylinders big, that's obviously 
a serious problem :-)  But its unlikely.  What is more likely is your device 
is working fine, but has been crapped on somewhere in your experiments.  For 
example the initial partition table lives on the boot sector at the beginning 
of the drive, if that was trashed you can expect this kind of result.

Try formatting the thing in Windows and seeing what you get.

- -Andy

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