Re: Nvidia nforce2 mobo/graphics problem

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Per-Olof Litby - Reg'l Mgr Nordic/Baltic - Java System Software - Sun Microsystems wrote:


I installed FC2 from the standard DVD on a machine with the following hardware:

- Soltek SL75FRN2-L motherboard with nVidia nForce2 chipset
- nVidia FX5200 AGP graphics card
- Onboard Realtek AC'97 audio

The nvidia chipset driver may not help. He says he has a 'Onboard Realtek AC'97 audio' chip, not the nforce2 audio chip.

Have you run alsaconf? If not, give that a try, and see if your audio gets detected. You might confirm which audio chipset you have by doing a

   lspci -v |grep -i audio

Correct, my mobo doesn't have nforce audio. It has the more basic Realtek chips. I discovered that I actually do get sound, but only on the front 2 channels, not the surround channels. In Windows, the audio output ports can be configured so that the microphone port becomes the rear (or surround) port. I need to do this in Fedora as well, since I have speakers connected to both front and rear outputs.

I don't see any RealTek audio chipsets mentioned at the Alsa driver page:

I am using the nforce2 audio chipset, and it uses the intel8x0 driver. When I run alsamixer, at the top, I get:

Card: NVidia nForce2

Chip: Realtek ALC650 rev 3

what do you get if you do a 'lspci |grep -i audio' and also a 'lsmod |grep -i snd' ?

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