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pinco wrote:

Alexander Dalloz ha scritto:

Am Di, den 06.04.2004 schrieb pinco um 19:24:

Another great program is Quanta.

-William Penton

Isn't it only for KDE?

Why should an application linked against KDE / QT not run on other

Why had I to ask if knew the answer!

Thanks for helping me to know.


Both Quanta and Bluefish are excellent code editors, and will run on Fedora (in Gnome). As long as you have KDE installed, Quanta should work. I've downloaded rpms for both and installed with no problems.
Dreamweaver and Frontpage have both been known to work on other distros with Wine (see, but apparently Wine broke with Fedora, and unless I'm missing something, it's still broken. :(

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