Re: Password-protecting fedora.

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Gertjan Vinkesteijn wrote:

Bevan C. Bennett wrote:

Matt Morgan wrote:

I don't know how much will help the original poster, but ... does Fedora yet have that tool where you can have multiple people logged in at once, analogous to Windows XP? I have it in Mandrake at home (I think--I never use it). But I forget what it's called.

I don't know about any 'tool', but you can still use 'control-alt-f2' to access a second terminal and log in (either the same or a different user), then use 'control-alt-f3' to get a third.

control-alt-f7 through f9 should swap between the resulting X sessions.

There is /etc/passwd, /etc/shadow, several encryption methods, I use MD5 (upto 32 bytes) like in my photoabums, the super user password of Noa equals "aapnootmies" so you mith try her out, I have backups...

And our prime minister always has 3 butttons closed on his suit.. ;-)

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