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Wayde Gutman wrote:
My impression from fedora-list emails that many of the users of FC1 and
FC2 are from the GUI generation, e.t., Windows. I have been a computer
user since MS-DOS 3.3 days, as far as I am concerned, if you had never
used DOS, you are at a disadvantage.

In regards to FC1, I see it as Beta.

If you want to know what is on your system, open up Terminal and do the

[[email protected] newbie]$ dmesg | lpr (sends to printer)

[[email protected] newbie]$ dmesg | more (I like it better than less)

Most importantly, get yourself a good reference book and subscribe to a
linux-based magazine (Linux Journal, Linux Format, or Linux Magazine). I
own two IDG Books's Bible Series, Unix Bible and Red Hat Bible. or (I own a number of
linux-related and Mac OSX-related books from this company) (no brainer since FC1 is a Red Hat product)

The reference source to end all reference source, [The Linux Documentation Project's website that I have
bookmarked for a long time].

If you want more grief and despair, get FreeBSD ( and
tackled that !

freeBSD is not so difficult as it looks like, at least kernel compiling, driver and software setup is quite easy. And the idea of the ports tree is excellent except i need to compile everything from source. j2sdk 1.4.2 compiled for 8h and then ld said it needs newer version of libintl :(

Don't knock Mac OSX, it has a Unix core (Darwin) that is similar to
FreeBSD 4.4...

i know some guys that were trying to put darwin on x86 machine - they failed. maybe sometimes i'll try to do it... maybe

-Wayde Gutman
	Tucson, Arizona USA

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