Re: "default" sound drivers vs. ALSA?

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On Fri, 2004-02-20 at 20:07, Bryan C Dunne wrote:
> In general, the ALSA drivers are considered better than the old OSS/Free drivers.  In fact, ALSA is replacing OSS as the default sound system in the linux kernel as of 2.6.
> Whether you go to the trouble of switching from OSS to ALSA on Fedora 1 depends on how well your system currently works.  I have a P.O.S. ;-)  motherboard with a low-end AC 97 compatible chipset.  The sound quality isn't great under the OSS (it chirps :-).  The ALSA drivers, however, work great for me.  YMMV
> Cheers,
> Bryan
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> Try not to follow the read me's too and do not be too intimidated by them 
because i have found that most of them just go around in circles just
telling you the same redundant crap you already know... It's not nearly
as hard as the read me's make it sound... Install the libs, the module,
the drivers, and edit one file and do a few modprobes and that's about
all she wrote.... There is a difference in sound with the alsa drivers
vs. the oss drivers, they are significantly more powerful and much more
refined sounding... 

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