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Philip wrote:

If I'm not mistaken, when logging into my desktop I should be logged in
to the "local host", at least that's what it used to do. I'm set up on a
LAN (simple NetGear router on top of broad band) and when I log in to my
desktop I'm actually logged in to what fedora calls "dhcppc4". As the
login proceeds I get an error:

"Could not look up Internet address for dhcppc4. This will prevent GNOME
from operating correctly. It may be possible to correct the problem by
adding dhcppc4 to the file /etc/hosts"

 - however the login does succeed, though after an unusually long time.
I'm guessing that I missed some step in configuring my wireless
connection (I just re-installed on new hardware) and fedora gets
confused and tries to log in to the router or something. Has anyone seen
this before?? Any help would be great as I am far from proficient at
networking with fedora.

- Phil

My guess would be that your router is operating as a DHCP server and your PC is getting it's network address, hostname, DNS and other settings from it. But, it's not operating as a DNS server for your domain so when you login to the PC it's unable to resolve the hostname via DNS.

A simple solution is to add fixed entries for all DHCP assigned hostnames into /etc/hosts on each machine. A complicated alternative is to set up a DNS server for your domain.

I'd recommend the former solution.

Nigel Wade

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