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Brian C. Huffman wrote:

I'd like to have a show of hands of who's for xine and who's for
mplayer. Which one is the better choice for a complete multimedia
solution? I've used both and have to say that I've had problems with

With xine I've been able to play most all formats with the exception of
Windows media (although I know the codecs are out there). I've gotten
the gxine frontend which includes a plugin for mozilla.  Unfortunately
I've had many many crashes of mozilla / xine when using the plugin.

With mplayer (which I've just recently installed), I've had better
stability (although it has crashed on inline movies), but I don't know
the extent of the formats that it can play.  Also I haven't seen a
frontend to mplayer so far....I assume that one does exist.

Thoughts?  Experiences?

Thanks in advance!

I've been using Mplayer and it's associated plugin with Mozilla 1.6 for a day now. Everything works great, including DVDs. WMV files cause a seg fault in the pre3 version, soon to be fixed.

It comes with a GUI, but you need to have at least one skin installed.

See the following site for Fedora specific tips:

The Mplayer plugin can be had from: (I found this via, another great site.)

Have fun.

Kevin Stanchfield, x46333
Unix Systems Administrator
User Technology Associates - NASA - JPL

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