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I'll spell it out for you. By allowing this documentation to exist on, readers are basically being told "It's ok to use and
install non-FOSS software on your computer. In fact, we'll even show you

Now I'm not going to question your views on or commitment toward FOSS
(not sure I want to know based off your reaction) but will only ask  you
to acknowledge that what I have described above is not in line with the
objectives of The Fedora Project.

Adam Kosmin

Sam Barnett-Cormack ([email protected]) wrote:
" On Mon, 12 Jan 2004, Adam Kosmin wrote:
" >
" > Greetings,
" >
" > I couldn't help but notice Thomas Chung's tutorials up on
" > which describe how to install Acrobat Reader, Helix, and Macromedia
" > Flash.
" >
" > In light of The Fedora Project's #2 objective being "Build the operating
" > system exclusively from open source software.", I must pose this
" > question to the list:
" >
" > Is it appropriate to encourage people to install non-FOSS software on
" > Fedora?
" If someone is running a seperate project, and giving people the info to
" do something they want or need to do, I can't see a problem.
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