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Your comments are right on the money and I could not agree more. I hope
you don't mind me bringing this to the attention of the list. In fact, I
did not know that was a separate project. Regardless, I
think the issue is relevant and hope to see support for your point of
view. Also, I sent an email to the author of those tutorials and hope
he'll respond by taking the documents off of the website.


Adam Kosmin

Rui Miguel Seabra ([email protected]) wrote:
" On Mon, 2004-01-12 at 09:51, Adam Kosmin wrote:
" > Is it appropriate to encourage people to install non-FOSS software on
" > Fedora?
" Fedora News is a different project from Fedora.
" IMO encouraging people to install non-Free software, regardless of what
" operating system you are running on, is extremely bad advice.
" You should always look suspiciously towards anyone advising you to
" install something is bad for you, and generally evil (for instance, with
" Sun's JDK you are not allowed to give a copy to a friend of yours, that
" could revoke both your copy and his immediately since only Sun and
" authorized distributers can give access to its JDK).
" It is true that some non-Free software may perform certain tasks better
" than their Free Software counterparts, but remember that non-Free
" software brings a social cost that is very bad: social division between
" those who can and those who can't.
" With a proposed European Directive law that turns copyright infringement
" a public crime being actively pursued by guys not at all unlike the BSA,
" you might even face jail time for having unlicensed copies.
" Remember that even though you can download Adobe Acrobat gratis, you
" still have to abide to its license (ie, you have to click I Agree) and
" doing so, you agree that you will not help your friend by giving him a
" copy of a program in case he needs it.
" That's one reason why all software should be Free Software, so you never
" do something wrong by giving a copy of some program to your friend.
" I think it's totally evil to turn the world upside down, into some
" society where you can't legitimately help your friends because you're
" not allowed to.
" rui
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