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On Mon, Nov 24, 2003 at 01:18:53AM -0000, Roger Beever wrote:
> > It does not help when your email client always starts you are the top of
> > the reply
> [...]
> I *never* understood that "excuse".

> A little out of contest as I was making the point regarding newbies to Linux

Fair enough, but I took that quote on its own on purpose, as I've
heard that excuse over and over again - and it just doesn't make
sense. The placement of the cursor has nothing to do with quoting and
it's important (IMO) that also newbies understand that.

> OK find me a mutt and vim that my companies IT department will allow on the
> Windows NT machines and I'll use them ;-)

Thankfully, I'm allowed to use Cygwin on the Win00 box at work... :-)

> But I will then get beaten up for bottom posting in a windows world.

Well, maybe not beaten up, but it's remarkable how some 'doze users
fail to notice that there's text *below* the quote(s) (as in
"interspersed with") - which has lead to me having to answer (or ask)
questions twice in the past <sigh>. In some cases, I actually have to
add "for answer see below" at the top... >:-(


                Thomas Ribbrock 
  "You have to live on the edge of reality - to make your dreams come true!"

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