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Don wrote:
For example, I log on as user "don", but then want to log on as user


but not have to log off "don"? When I log off "bob", I'd "return" to


(tigger pts4) $ who
tdiehl   :0           Nov  7 00:54
tdiehl   pts/0        Nov  7 00:55
tdiehl   pts/1        Nov  7 00:55


brian    pts/24       Nov  7 00:56
tom      pts/25       Nov  7 00:56

Does this answer your question?? IOW switch to another tty and log on as

whoever you

wish. You can also use su to switch to a different user within the same


Well, I guess I worded my question incorrectly. :-)
I knew it could be done, but I don't know how....
I don't know what "IOW switch" means, and couldn't find anything in "man" or

"IOW" means "in other words" (IRC jargon). He was saying "in other words, switch to another tty..."

Don "Still a Linux newbie" Russell :-)

Rick "Just a Linux old fart" Stevens ;-) ---------------------------------------------------------------------- - Rick Stevens, Senior Systems Engineer [email protected] - - VitalStream, Inc. - - - - Is that a buffer overflow or are you just happy to see me? - ----------------------------------------------------------------------

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