Re: ACPI disabled because your bios is from 00 and too old

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On Sat, 2003-12-20 at 18:35, Simon Bell wrote:
> Ive recently installed fedora core 1 onto an old desktop machine. It has an
> Abit BP6 motherboard with 2 533 celeron cpu's in it. According to the BIOS
> and manual, it is ACPI enabled, but when i enable it in grub.conf i get an
> error saying my bios is to old and i should use acpi=force
> Im just wondering what is actually wrong with my acpi bios? I was using
> power management on windows on this machine with no problems at all. Is it
> actually safe to enable acpi with the force option?

Like all heuristics, sometimes it makes the wrong decision.
It doesn't actually know if its bad, but it does trap an awful
lot of bios's that are bad from that era.

If you know for a fact that it works ok with acpi=force, filing
a bugzilla report with dmidecode info means we can whitelist it for
future kernels.

You may also want to run the same question by [email protected]
to make sure no-one there knows of something bad in these systems.


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