Re: removed mp3 support in media players in fedora core 1

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Gordon Messmer wrote:
> There are Free Software players, just few under license terms that allow 
> them to be distributed with Fedora Linux.

> One Free Software player is the Helix player for Linux from 
> RealNetworks, Inc.

I wasn't aware that the Helix license was a Free Software license.  Last
I recall the FSF was "in the process now of determining whether their license
qualifies as a Free Software license." (you'll have to read Google's cache
because the Savannah server is currently mapping all Savannah URLs to

I was aware the Helix license qualified as Open Source, but as I'm sure you
know, Free Software and Open Source aren't the same thing.

> Windows may play the audio data by reading the CDDA and playing it through
> the sound driver, but I'm not aware of any Linux player that will do the
> same.

I think ALSAplayer will do this.  It's the only audio player I know of that
will play any audio source forwards and backwards (including playing CDs). I
am inferring from this capability that ALSAplayer is actually playing the
ripped audio stream from CDs.

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