Re: uml doesn't work on 2.6.24-rc2

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> > Note, this is 32bit UML on 64bit host, to complicate matters.  So I
> Oh, that changes things.  In this case, I believe this problem is fixed
> by fd181c72a3c202a3986bcee7551c0838265aec2a.

This one fixed the EINVAL messages, and now UML boots, but consumes
100% CPU constantly.

> You'll also need f86f9e6d66027bdcdc9b40c06d431ee53ea0d509 for a
> separate problem.

I can't find this in -linus.  Which tree is it?

> > Maybe this is a fallout from the x86 architecture merge?
> No, the problems had been there from before the merge - years, in the
> case of the second one.

Never seen anything like this until 2.6.24.  Strange...

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