Re: [PATCH 3/17] afs: convert afs_dir_get_page to read_kmap_page

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On 4/12/07, David Howells <[email protected]> wrote:
Nate Diller <[email protected]> wrote:

> Hmmm you're right.  Is your security work going into the next -mm?

I don't know.  Andrew hasn't said anything.  Andrew?  Are you waiting for it
to go through DaveM's networking tree?

> If so, I'll just re-base this cleanup patch on that ... at the very least I
> want to get rid of afs_dir_put_page().

That's reasonable.

> Also, did you consider passing the key pointer directly and modifying the
> readpage actor to simply cast the pointer back, like
> read_mapping_page(mapping, page, (struct file *)key)?  It seems like a waste
> to allocate a whole file struct on the stack just for the ->private field.

There's one small problem with that...  And that's filemap_nopage() (it passes
vma->vm_file to readpage() unconditionally).  Unless, of course, your patches
fix that too...
But you can't mmap() a directory anyway so ... oh.  Interesting.
afs_file_readpage() does directories too.  The only thing I can think
of then is

struct address_space_operations afs_file_aops = {
       .readpage       = afs_file_readpage,
struct address_space_operations afs_dir_aops = {
       .readpage       = afs_key_readpage,

int afs_file_readpage(file, page){
   return afs_key_readpage(file->private, page)

but that's a lot of code to avoid a single stack allocation.  The
whole fake file pointer thing still strikes me as a little ugly, and
you're definitely not the first one who needed this sort of hackery.

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