Re: [PATCH] mm: remove global locks from mm/highmem.c

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On Mon, Jan 29, 2007 at 06:15:57PM -0800, Andrew Morton wrote:
> We still don't know what is the source of kmap() activity which
> necessitated this patch btw.  AFAIK the busiest source is ext2 directories,
> but perhaps NFS under certain conditions?
> <looks at xfs_iozero>
> ->prepare_write no longer requires that the caller kmap the page.

Agreed, but don't we (xfs_iozero) have to map it first to zero it?

I think what you are saying here, Andrew, is that we can
do something like:

	page = grab_cache_page
	kaddr = kmap_atomic(page, KM_USER0)
	memset(kaddr+offset, 0, bytes)
	kunmap_atomic(kaddr, KM_USER0)

to avoid using kmap() altogether?


Dave Chinner
Principal Engineer
SGI Australian Software Group
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