Re: [PATCH] binfmt_elf: core dump masking support

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> > > When a new process is created, the process inherits the coremask
> > > setting from its parent. It is useful to set the coremask before
> > > the program runs. For example:
> > > 
> > >   $ echo 1 > /proc/self/coremask
> > >   $ ./some_program
> >
> > User can already ulimit -c 0 on himself, perhaps we want to use same
> > interface here? ulimit -cmask=(bitmask)?
> Are you saying that 1) it is good to change ulimit (shell programs)
> so that shell programs will read/write /proc/self/coremask when
> the -cmask option is given to ulimit?
> Or, 2) it is good to change ulimit and get/setrlimit so that shell
> programs will invoke get/setrlimit with new parameter?

I'm trying to say 2).

> If the changes are acceptable to bash or other shell community, I think
> the first approach is nice.
> But the second approach is problematic because the bitmask doesn't
> conform to the usage of setrlimit.  You know, setrlimit controls amount
> of resources the system can use by the soft limit and hard limit.
> These limitations don't suit for the bitmask.

Well, you can have it as set of 0-1 "limits"...
(cesky, pictures)
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