Simple extension to psmouse driver (tp-scroll in kernel mode)

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Hello world,

I've wrote a simple extension to the psmouse driver. It's an emulation for the
scrolling wheel on TrackPoint mice. It's functionally the same like the userspace
daemon tp-scroll but it doesn't lag if the system has full load. The emulation
starts when you press the middle mouse button, then you can "scroll" up and
down by moving the mouse into the desired direction. It stops when the button
released. When you press and release the button without move, the button event
is transfered. This feature is not enabled by default, you need to set

Here's the patch:

The patch is tested against the the 2.6.17 and kernel source.

I hope that's the correct mailing list and my code is usefull.

Joerg Hundertmarck
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