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On 6/15/06, Goo GGooo <[email protected]> wrote:
Andrew Morton wrote:

> - To fetch an -mm tree using git, use (for example)
>  git fetch git://
> v2.6.16-rc2-mm1

I'm not able to get -mm tree from GIT. In I can see
the most recent tags like v2.6.17-rc6-mm2 but cg-clone gives me only
2.6.16-rc3 :(

I tried "cg-fetch v2.6.17-rc6-mm2" which seemed to fetch some more
tags, then played with git-checkout & friends but still can't get the
most recent source tree.
All right, finally this worked out:
git pull rsync:// \
     tag v2.6.17-rc6-mm2

Strange enough with http:// instead of rsync:// I got some message
about nonexistent tag.

Now when I try git pull with http:// again it says the tree is up to
date. However with git:// it started downloading more things and tags.

That's confusing - I believed all protocols should behave the same way...?

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