Re: VGER does gradual SPF activation (FAQ matter)

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Hi Matti

(please don't consider this a personal attack, just the idea is wrong to me)

Matti Aarnio wrote:
For a very long time (like 20 years or so) I used to think like that.

Doing email services in big ISP environments for about 10 years did
cure me of that thinking.  Ordinary Janes and Joes (and grannies
and granpas) must not be allowed to send email in similar ways that
we used to do in happy 1980es when the internet was engineer playground.
This is so against the spirit and meaning of the Internet, you're not
talking about the network we call Internet. You're talking about two
tiered internet, which is bad too.
The Internet needs to be segregated into two kinds of users - those that
must not be allowed to do much of anything ( = common man to whom the
internet equals anyway to IE web-browser ) and to first-class citizens
with their own email servers...

Why don't you go fork the Internet then? Go see if that will work?

This whole discussion is kind of ridiculous for an open source project like the linux kernel. If you're so keen on fixing e-mail, you should work closely with the IETF working groups to create a new standard that works.
Finally, if you consider doing this, why not consider closing the
mailinglist to a subscription only list, that will work so much better
than this "free lunch" (to quote someone else)

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