Re: [PATCH] mm: cleanup swap unused warning

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Con Kolivas <[email protected]> wrote:
> Are there any users of swp_entry_t when CONFIG_SWAP is not defined?

Well there shouldn't be.  Making accesses to swp_entry_t.val fail to
compile if !CONFIG_SWAP might be useful.

> +/*
> + * A swap entry has to fit into a "unsigned long", as
> + * the entry is hidden in the "index" field of the
> + * swapper address space.
> + */
> +#ifdef CONFIG_SWAP
>  typedef struct {
>  	unsigned long val;
>  } swp_entry_t;
> +#else
> +typedef struct {
> +	unsigned long val;
> +} swp_entry_t __attribute__((__unused__));
> +#endif

We have __attribute_used__, which hides a gcc oddity.
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