Re: 2.6.16-rc2, x86-64, CPU hotplug failure

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On Mon, 13 Feb 2006, Alistair John Strachan wrote:

> In an attempt to play with ACPI S3 on my Athlon 64 X2 3800+, I recompiled 
> 2.6.16-rc2 with CPU hotplug and ACPI sleep state support. I experienced 
> multiple crashes and oopsen, which I quickly discovered were the result of 
> bringing at least one CPU back online.
> echo 0 >> /sys/devices/system/cpu/cpu1/online
> Works, but then if I try to do:
> echo 1 >> /sys/devices/system/cpu/cpu1/online
> I get an oops. Unfortunately this board has no serial ports so I've taken a 
> digital camera shot of the oops. From dmesg, I'm using the PM timer.
> [alistair] 02:13 [~] dmesg | egrep time\.c
> time.c: Using 3.579545 MHz PM timer.
> time.c: Detected 2500.768 MHz processor.
> time.c: Using PM based timekeeping.

Nice snapshot, that bug was fixed around 2.6.16-rc3, unsynchronized_tsc 
was marked __init instead of __cpuinit
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