Re: CONFIG_K8_NUMA x86_64 no-memory node bug

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On Wednesday 01 February 2006 23:13, John Blackwood wrote:
> I would like to mention a bug with the x86_64 CONFIG_K8_NUMA support.
> We have a 4 CPU AMD Opteron (processor 846 -- no dual core) system that
> boots up with a kernel with NUMA enabled if all the numa
> nodes are populated with memory modules.
> If we then pull out the memory module for the 3rd CPU/node, then the
> kernel will no longer boot.
> In this configuration, after the grub 'boot' command is entered, no
> output is seen, and the system appears to be hung.
> While this is admittedly a 'degraded' configuration, it would be nice
> if the kernel could handle having a middle numbered node without memory.
> I believe that removing the 4th CPU's memory module so that only the
> last CPU/node is without memory, then the system boots up fine.
> It seems that having a middle node without memory is what causes this
> problem to occur.

Does it boot with numa=noacpi? 

If yes then I likely already fixed the bug. But send boot log of
the failure anyways.

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