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Anton Titov <[email protected]> wrote:
> Yesterday I accidently noticed few OOM killer messages in the system log
>  and leaved a console tailing the log for the night. In 6 in the morning
>  OOM killer got mad generating 500 lines in the log and 5 minutes later
>  system closed the ssh connection and became inresponsive. The guy in the
>  datacenter told me that when he attached keyboard even caps lock was not
>  working. Inspite of this the system still was responsive (only to) ping.
>  The strange thing is this machine is relatively light loaded - now after
>  6 hours being up free shows:
>               total       used       free     shared    buffers    cached
>  Mem:       2075468    1148564     926904          0     123472    314516
>  -/+ buffers/cache:     710576    1364892
>  Swap:      1004020          0    1004020
>  Load average stays under 0.5 most of the time. In 6 in the morning it
>  should be almost no load (there is no crons scheduled at that time).
>  I'm attaching messages from the log and my .config.

What kernel version?  <looks in config.gz>.   2.6.15.

> Jan 15 06:05:09 vip Normal free:3700kB min:3756kB low:4692kB high:5632kB active:9964kB inactive:8532kB present:901120kB pages_scanned:19628 

Pretty much all of the ZONE_NORMAL memory is AWOL.

> Jan 15 06:05:09 vip 216477 pages slab

It's all in slab.  800MB.

I'd be suspecting a slab memory leak.  If it happens again, please take a
copy of /proc/slabinfo, send it.

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